Sunday, October 25, 2009

2mr start my final exam for this sem!!!
it will be last for 3 days and i ll have 4 subjects to go...
cant wait until wednesday 4.30pm..
it represents tat my final is over..
and my holiday is there..

so..wish me luck in my final..
last but not least..
good luck 2 those are having final as me also...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

nice pancake..

4 more days is my final exam for this sem...
but i still haven't study and get ready for any of the subject...
the reason is....lazy,no mood....

but now the feeling got a bit scare scare already...
should i start it tonight???
will i???

just came back from mid valley...
today when the final test for CECB112..
the gila weiting said wanna go mid valley eat baskin robin...
make me feel like wanna go also..
coz don't want to stay at home and study...
so after test just headed to mid valley...
with weiting and my baobei---shuhui
have a long chit-chat in the journey..
coz long time din't chat wit baobei already..

having pancake at paddington...even had makan maggi while waiting for shirley...but shirley din't follow due to her "group assignment"..
the pancake is NICE!!! wei.. should go another time again...
forgot to take the picture before just have 1 pic after makan...

weiting n shuhui

the oil paint behind them is so nice...
so beautiful....

ok...that's all...
bye bye

Sunday, July 19, 2009

tired but satisfied!!

I'm tired but I'm satisfied with it..
having fun 1 whole day...
yesterday nite received a cal from weiting n said wanna go genting 2day..
such a sudden plan..n I'm so excited n cant wait to go..haha...xD
depart from my hometown 8.30am..
reach uni around 10am..after haveing breakfast n fetch chen at ktm station..
den our journey is start!!!!!haha..xD
drive 4 1 hour oni reach genting skyway..tired...but so excited..dunno y..cant wait to reach dere earlier...
headed on to ticket counter once v reach dere...
how fun are us??
let these photo tell u...xp
me,shirley,chen,weiting n shuhui

wit the 1st clown tat v met..

my balloon made by him..xp






4 of them..

ok..i wanna oi oi ad...nitez...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The orientation is ended!!!
although it's very tiring...but i'm stil enjoy it..
juz woke up a moment b4..
a long sleeping time..coz doesn't sleep very well in the past 2 weeks...
will update the pics later....
long time din update my blog jor...
now update a little bit..
later will update more la...


Friday, June 5, 2009


Even though today is kinda tired...but then..
i have to say this...
Our family have a new member...
Actually I had know him since the freshies camp..
but only today we have talk a lot..(craps)
he followed us went for study today..
his name is Yiba Yiba Angalei Angalei Ng ZL..
his nickname is Angalei..
it's a nice name for him...

Let me describe him a bit here...
He is a good guy..
his status is "menantu" in our family..
He is kinda quiet..but i think if you know him more..
You wont think that way..
His face is very serious while joking...
He will only laugh after we all laugh..
He's very geng..
Good in his study..
A clever guy..
A sporting guy..
He also playing very well in badminton..
He also playing music instrument..
Just try to know more on him..
He's really a gud guy..
But sometimes can say him "cute"..
sometimes la..xp

Am I right??Angalei????

Before sent him back to Amanah..
took some pics of our new member...xp
Here are Angalei and us..
shuhui and angalei..



our big family..

Conclusion: Welcome you..Angalei!!!
ok..stop here..
continue my study...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This few days..
my life is only study..
no more entertainment..
the entertainment will only happen when v have dinner together..
because got 2 siao lang...u both shud noe who r u..
non-stop doing crazy thingy...
make ppl laugh...
nvm..i think that is better then none..

Final is coming..
more few days...
but then..
holidays oso coming...
cant wait ad..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

went to study at Old Town last night..
with SueRin, JoJo, ShuHui..
plan to study til 11.30pm n back to uni..
mana tau???
reach dere..after having "supper"..
kuat semangat betul mau study..xp
thus...plan to continue our study time at McD...
since Old Town at South City will be closed at 12am like tat..
but then...
in between...
we also took some pics...
while rest for a while...
ngiak ngiak...XP

this is real pic..din't natural..xp

looks like i'm her "honey"...xp

ss-ING time...^^


helping suerin and shuhui taking pics pula..since they are unseccessful took their own pics..

haha...suerin is acting bakqi...haha...xD

tipu one..dun blif them..purposely this act for taking pic..

plan to study until 5am only back uni...
after having breakfast at 4am...
we continue our study time there..
not even want to gossip...haha..xD
discuss and discuss and discuss...
around 3.15am..ShuHui beh tahan jor..
she cant wait for the breakfast already..same for us..
start lapar jor...
but then 45 mins to go..why not we be patient a while more...
ShuHui went my car and take a bantal and start to sleep there..
use the bantal as blanket..bcoz it's too cold ad...

while SueRin, JoJo and I pula keep all the things..
playing cards for 15 mins..keep on waiting for the 4am...haha..xD
4am is there..ShuHui automatic woke up..
go and buy breakfast..
chit-chat for a while..
5am is there...
went back uni and SLEEP!!!!